About NatCA Sierra Leone

The rationale for the  for the enactment of the Electronic Communications Act which eventually transformed NATCOM into an Authority called NatCA (National Communications Authority) emanated from the foresightedness of DG Amara Brewah in moving along with emerging trends and technologies.

The dynamic nature of telecommunications which has expanded to include information communication technologies (ICT) calls for equally rapidly changing regulations to cover all aspects of the ICT industry.

The last telecommunications Act was enacted in 2006 and amended in 2009 and 2015 but there were still many aspects of the evolving industry that needed to be regulated, like Data & Mobile Money Services, Cybersecurity, Universal Access, Cable Landing Station (CLS), Terrestrial Fibre Backbone, Data Protection, Electronic transactions, 4G, 4G+ and even 5G. Technology has grown fast, and in effect, there should be attendant laws to move along in the trajectory. Since we cannot keep pace with technology, issues, which the new law would be addressing among others, would include, Technology neutral (unified licence) and other licence types for various service providers.

Being transformed into an Authority empowers NatCA through the new National Communications Authority Act 2022 to regulate all aspects of the industry effectively and to enforce the regulations fairly for the smooth running of the sector, for the benefit of consumers. The appropriate regulatory environment will be created with the new act, taking cognizance of emerging trends in global digital transformation.